Following the moonlight

There is nothing great about 26. I say good bye to my youth and hello to adulthood. Going up against the world alone is daunting, but so far I’ve been up to the task. I’ve been ready to make my mark, and I feel like this could be my year… let’s see

7 thoughts on “Following the moonlight

  1. Howdie tutling! Thanks for following my blog! Sorry for the delayed response, I was in Japan, I don’t allow myself near technology when I’m on holiday! How’s it going with you?

      • I’m in the same boat! Sort of. First I’m going to piss away all my savings and go on a three month trip without any future prospects of a job, and then I’ll start the job hunt. If you’re in a bind, come teach English in Korea. I paid all my Rhodes debt (and I had a lot) in a year and a half! 🙂

      • It was cool, I was here for two years, I think that may be the limit, some people stay longer, others are out the door after six months. South Africans do fairly well here, we’re able to adapt quicker, we’re used to massive cultural differences, we need the money so we don’t sweat the small stuff like first world people. Teaching was good and bad at times. I’m entering the last phase now, saying good bye to the kids is killing me!

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