27 things I know at 27

In no particular order

  • Hong Kong and Bali in just 3 months time. Morocco for Christmas. and next year birthday plans, I’m leaning towards Greecegiphy (5)
  •  I want to buy a gun – from complete abhorrence of weapons, to “hmm I kinda get it” to needing to book an appointment at the shooting range… ya, it’s time.
  • I suck at Tinder
  • Even when I feel a bit meh, I have it in me everyday to go to work. This is a good thing. No abusing my sick days, just doing what I need to do.
  • Although I am conscious, I am always learning. I don’t know everything (well a few things).
  • The best part of this past year? There’ve been so many – my kick ass cool apartment, a well paying job within international relations, being intellectually stimulated by my degree, less anxiety attacks, feeling loved and happy more often than not.
  • Since October 2016, I have been living my fullest and best life. Things are on track for me…financially, academically, emotionally and career-wise.
  • The times I have gone to Church, I have enjoyed it. Contemplating a return
  • I say sorry and mean it…when I mean it.
  • giphy (6)I have been single for 7 months. Yes it gets lonely but I’ve kind of shot my shot with someone who I see as the standard of what I want/deserve/need. I’m not going to jump into something that doesn’t fulfill me. I have patience, I can wait for that someone or someone better.
  • I miss my sister. I’ve reached out to her, and I want us to sit down and talk. I don’t care if it’s shouting or silent treatment, crying or whatever. It’s something that needs to be done. I’m ready, and I can wait for her to be.
  • Worst part of this past year? One above this… and having to wait for a solution. Ooh and today I found out that my identity was probably used fraudulently which is the actual reason why my credit score sucks.
  • I am thankful for my friends. For Kirst and her real-world advice. Amy for our heart to hearts. TK for pushing me and making me think. Lu, argh bae no words. Tapiwa, the almost best friend for keeping me grounded. Theresa for always showing me there’s beauty and kindness in the world.
  • People come to me for advice now. Although I miss the drama of my life (not really), it’s nice to know that I can be considered a voice of reason.
  • I’ve been talking a lot about my (somewhat new found) honesty – this is important to me, a skill I’ve been nurturing. I tie honesty in with bravery, they go hand and hand, and I really do aspire to be fearless. I’m doing a good job so far.
  • If a genie granted me 3 wishes: a winning lotto ticket, more time and a portal for me to pop into fantastical worlds such as Hogwarts, Westeros etc.
  • Marriage is (STILL) not a priority for me. If it happens it happens, but it’s looking like it’s not going to happen so why sweat it.
  • Don’t even try with the baby talk.
  • The crazyiest thing I’ve done this year? Had a feelings talk with someone important and did not die or regret it
  • Somewhere deep within me is the capacity for kindness… I’m not sure if I want to allow this trait to flourish. giphy (7)
  • This next year, I want to continue to be consistently good, keep the focus *imagines Idris slapping the booty*giphy (8)
  • I want to experience a love that is both humbling and exhilarating. That is ambitious and great and a modern day legend. That is Disney and Austen without the Nicholas Sparks. That is intellectual, strong, honest and forgiving.
  • I want to be remembered this year for living, loving and laughing.
  • I love my natural hair in all its wildness and curls.
  • Next year I’m going to graduate with a second degree.
  • By my next birthday I will be debt free
  • I will have to figure out how to become more accomplished so I can write another overly humble bragging blog post in May 2018


Awww shucks Rih-Rih you shouldn’t have



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