4 more days…

I sit watching The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey for probably the third or tenth time. I know, I know – so few times – but in my defense it took me a while to expand my Tolkien universe after the greatness that was LOR.

I love birthdays – not just my own. There is something so special about turning another 365 days old that causes you to reflect on what was and what will be. You see – like Bilbo Baggins would soon find out, life is an adventure.

giphy (78)

It’s my birthday in four days time. Twenty seven years old. It’s nothing special, not some remarkable milestone… but I can’t help feeling wiser, happier, sexier and more confident in myself and my abilities. I don’t need to hype myself up anymore – self actualization is mine.

Twenty seven is a beautiful number. It is a perfect cube. It is also the age we lost the greats like Amy Winehouse, Kurt Kobain and Jimi Hendrix. With regards to anniversaries… the 27th modern one is a sculpture. It’s almost as if time has paused – I have officially surpassed my mid-twenties into my late twenties.

I don’t know what this year brings me but I know that I am heading in an onward and upward direction. This time last year, I posted dark thoughts – I was still very much lost, unhappy actually miserable.

Something that I have discovered in myself is the brutal honesty that I have begun to utilise – and with that comes an almost fearlessness where it counts. I am a tempest when it comes to this life thing, I feel invincible and what’s even better, I have a support system who has loved and stayed with me regardless.

The theme this year is “Veinticinco de Mayo” – Twenty fifth of May that combines the Mexican holiday with one of the most intriguing days – The day of the dead. However my birthday is the Day of life, my life – celebrating the death of an old Mallory and the evolution into a better form.

Let's spend a night on the town! (1) (1)

I look forward to a new journey – one that will prove to be greater. The stakes are higher and I want and need more. It’s in my grasp, but I have to reach out first, take that step and continue on and on, until I do.


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