Slow up… speed down

Slow down little gemini – always  in a rush to be here, there and everywhere. I would be rich if I had a Rand for every time my horoscope told me to just be chilled take it easy, be patient.

I know this is true but I fight against this advice time and time again? Why? Life is the most beautiful thing given to us – yet it has problems, pain and challenges… but that’s what makes the really good stuff even more special.

I don’t want to waste my life, my time… act or be a certain way to appease people. At the end of the day, I am living for me.

I’m amazed at how good I feel when I put it all on the line. You know in sport, we are told to leave it all on the pitch… by the time you come off you know you’ve worked and done your damnedest. Even if you take an L, there is nothing more to be done but at least you will never worry if you could’ve, should’ve would’ve tried harder if the circumstances were different.

There is so much fear in a generation and age when we are supposed to thriving. We are growing and have grown… and my impatience and rush may be immature, but it comes from the concern that I may have wasted a happy moment, an opportunity…and considering how unpredictable life can be, I don’t want to be regretting inaction, months even years down the line.

Did I take a L this weekend? Maybe… maybe not. The optimist in me says that time will tell… maybe I should rush to show patience, so that the rest of the world can catch up. Slow up to speed down.


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