Hello 2017.

“Always forward” – Luke Cage

9 days in but the New Year kicks off for me tomorrow.

A new year is always very overwhelming to me as I get daunted by the goals I set for myself over the next 12 months. This year it wasn’t any different as I readied myself for what has to be a successful and progressive year. This time I have more to lose, because I have gained so much in the previous year. The constant battles, the fights to get where I am… and now I am being called again to duty, but what’s needed isn’t flashes of brilliance but to consistently, constantly exceed expectations and shine.

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to purpose. It is so easy to get distracted but what has helped me, and what I hope will serve me well this year, is ensuring each day is a deliberate step forward, and if that is not possible, do not allow for a thoughtless, unconscious step back. What I cannot do is find comfort in a safe zone, sit on the fence and let life pass me by.

I’ve laid the ground work, and all I need to do is just follow the path – it’s really that simple. It’s big picture thinking, with a map in hand.

I can do this.


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