Slave to my plan

“The art of being a slave is to rule one’s master.” – Diogenes

I told a very important person to me, the other day, that I am a slave to my four year plan. I used to be a wild child, spontaneous and free-spirited. But I can only say how much freedom I have found in structure, in planning and organising. Making a plan for myself, setting myself goals and logical steps as to how to get there hasn’t dampened my spirit or made me dull or any less spontaneous – instead I find I have more freedom to do the things that I want, more time spent in meaningful ways and the possibilities are endless.

There is a certain kind of liberation when you are a slave to your plan. For an over thinker like me, knowing that you’ve overthought and speculated all the possibilities and with a firm foundation, you don’t have to think anymore just do – I can finally relax and let all my preparation speak for itself. Go with the flow.

As I type this is sounding like quite the contradiction but it’s true. For the first time ever this year my mind-set is on point and I have achieved every single thing I wanted out of 2016. Every.Single.Effing.Thing.Achieved.

So excuse me if I’m high on #blackgirlmagic … melanin mojo is a powerful thing.

23 days till the end of the year and it suddenly occurred to me – what are my goals for the next? Now my plan is functioning well, and I’m on my way… what must happen? This year was about my career, about getting money and paying the bills. Next year I’m giving in to wanderlust. Wherever the road may take me, I won’t be held captive by these Gauteng borders too long. Oh and of course slaying education – I can write a thesis on a flight to Ireland right? Read about Fanon and Biko while sipping cocktails in Bali is doable no? And obviously Tanzania and Zanzibar – hub of pan African expression, it’s a great excuse to research into the great African thought leaders…while exploring the spicy streets.

I don’t mind being a slave, if I am my own master. Let the master in me dream and devise, and harness the slave within to submit to that ambition. Together, duality of consistency and vision – I’m kind of going to be unstoppable.


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