Le cœur a ses raisons que la raison ne connaît point

The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of

As an INTJ, I place little value in the matters of the heart. I don’t swoon at romantic gestures and I get embarrassed and often annoyed when a chair is often pulled out for me – forcing me to awkwardly slide in.

When I approach someone or am in a committed relationship, I cannot throw caution to the wind. Instead, dating or ‘macking’ for me is a series of calculated steps to achieve the end goal of what I want. And it’s not like the poor victim doesn’t know – I don’t like games, and when I’m interested, I will tell you. Because honesty doesn’t waste my time and theirs. But I know I have a problem with patience, and biding my time waiting for the Knight in Shining Armour.

So while I have no value in the emotional, heart-pounding idea of love and crushes and whimsical infatuations – my tell-tale sign is that I become irrational. Instead of worrying about my priorities, school and work and finances, I become irritating fixated on a new person. Now all my evil mastermind plans have been shifted from world domination to securing a specific significant other into my life.

It’s never planned this spontaneous brainwash of my mind which makes it even more overwhelming and a nuisance really… but it’s worth a blog post, and hopefully a few more positive updates in the months to come.


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