Qui n’avance pas, recule

Who does not move forward, recedes – French proverb

My WhatsApp status currently reads: New week, new job, new apartment! Oh my!

Although the week is at an end, all the newness is still there. I’m feeling fresh, and positive and so excited about the future. Taking to Amy, my bestie, we practically became exhausted yesterday over our own hype. To have a future that gives you so much empowerment, the steps are so clear… just a little patience, discipline and perseverance and you are there… at the top!

My job has been a culture shock. So different from anything I’ve ever done. All the rumours of government positions are horribly and wonderfully true. Taking the free time that I have (for now) to ensure I kill my Economics paper, and keep centering myself and ensuring I’m on track with my plans.

New apartment…. For the first time since Rhodes I’m going to be in my own space (if you ignore my 2 housemates) and it is so exciting. Daunting because moving always is but so ready to pimp out my hermit cave.

Everything is going, everything is moving and it’s in the right direction. October, goddess you have blessed me by far.

Beltane is a time for fertility. While I’m not celebrating a quickening of the womb, I’m celebrating how fertile my life is. It is a time to honour life – the sun is released from winter and can rule summer and over life again.

The wheel keeps turning and who knows how long my fortune will last… the trick is to turn with the tide, take advantage of the good and keep moving forward.



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