You know that old adage – when you ask you shall receive. Well I’m someone whose been asking the universe for more and more. I’m sure the goddess is pretty over me, because all she does is blue tick my conversations.

But Thursday was all the kaboom. I mean wow. I’ve never had to ask the goddess to stop blessing me, like really stop lighting up my phone, it’s exhausting. In just one day, not one prayer was answered three answers were given for that one prayer. Which sounds nice, but it really isn’t – it was more than I asked for, and yes I know I sound ungrateful, ungrateful but obviously happy.

So much love to the effervescent do-gooder in the sky… hmm, not sure that word is used correctly, but IDGAF.

It is so completely scary when things go your way, I’m in a panic. Remember when I wrote about that last post… things are happening, the carriage awaits and I better hop into this roller coaster. Except there are at least two rides, and then the ultimate scary cool one that still awaits.

Gemini’s and decisions my word.

What have a learned from this experience… f*ck positivity. No seriously, I mean it. I consider myself optimistic, but my driving force is my ambition and tenacity. It is relentless, unyielding. And honestly, it’s not positive. I don’t hope that things will get better, I work my damndest so that it does.

Over a year ago I was at rock bottom.

By January, super depressed.

Now, I have OPTIONS.

This is all me… and possibly a little spiritual guidance.
This speech goes out to me, because I did the work, without the fairy dust and motivational sayings. It’s nice when life justifies that you are truly a force of nature, a hurricane really (without the death and destruction).

And I think as a young woman of colour, we need more of this. We don’t need to wait for the room to snap fingers as we smile demurely to the crowd.

It’s about slaying. It’s about achieving greatness and not having to give the appropriate explanation of why things worked out.


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