A name for myself

For all that millennials are – ambitious and tenacious – we are also unfortunately so damn lazy. Lacking initiative.

I’ve been inundated with old varsity or work colleagues who don’t consider to communicate with me unless it’s to ask for a job, about a job, or advice on how to get that specific job. It’s a little insulting being used as someone’s personal careers24.

Part of me is flattered that at my age, I’m someone who a person can come to for advice. I remember how difficult it was entering the job market and if I didn’t have two wonderful mentors, I’m not sure where I’d be today. Actually that’s a lie.

My one mentor, Masi, was my former station manager back at university. We used to talk about absolute nonsense but whenever he would move on I’d chat to him about the current dynamics of the media industry and utilised him to get advice on how to make myself a better broadcaster, who he would suggest I speak to. When he sent me notices of vacancies at his position, I was grateful and it was unexpected and welcome.

My other mentor was Eusebius, who challenged my way of thinking, arguing and standing up for myself. Once again, he was someone who I could touch base with and describe what I was going through and thinking.

Neither of these mentors ever had me nag them for a job or beg me to put me in touch with important people in the industry. They were my sound board, they offered guidance, and the rest was up to me.

It’s what frustrates me out my peers today. I look at where I am, as a senior manager at a radio station that competes commercially despite its small community mandate. And then I look at my peers who are still struggling to make a name for themselves in the industry, hating their entry-level positions. I know exactly what the difference between them and myself is. I was just clearly hungrier, I gained more experience and networked the right way to ensure my future career would steadily grow and continue on the upswing. I’ve had the liberty to make solid and thoughtful career moves, not the mention the time to reflect on these decisions.

Fearless also means unashamedly making a name for yourself. Doing all that you can to be the best. But it means also not fearing the hard work. And I believe that what I’ve put in is exactly what I’ve gotten out. I can only get better, climb higher – without a boost or an offering of a ladder rung.



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