Seeing your face

You’re splashed across my white wall

Everyone is laughing at you – the graffiti is amusing to them as their walls remain untouched – pristine.

It is easy for my neighbours to sit on their patios and feel chuffed that they are not affected by the evil. To them, this a moment to sip green tea and revel in the thoughts that their lives are better.

I had painted over you a while back – completely whitewashing you from my memory. However when the sun would set it’s piercing gaze upon the wall, I’d sometimes see flashes of your stains seeping through the white coat.

As I ready my paintbrush. I wander how many other walls you have stained in an effort to get what you want. In an effort to be seen and acknowledged in a certain way.

Now you are hiding from the world. I’m sure you must be wishing your atrocious colours weren’t shining so brightly. People will find you and know you for what you are. A liar and a cheat. But I can’t revel in your demise – in this you are only hurting yourself with no remorse for others you have hurt too. The only thing I can be thankful for is that karma has finally caught up to you.

My goddess can be vengeful and I hope she fairly avenges me for everything you’ve done.

But for now, I need to get on with painting my wall white again.


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