Midnight swim

There’s something so seductive and witchy entering a pool of water late at night

The air was green-blue, created by the patio lights. The waxing moon cast a silver glow on the trees.

It was quiet. The earth was at peace.

The summer heat had been tormenting me, no reprieve since the setting sun hours ago. The night was calling me, taunting me to break my fever by dancing beneath the stars.

It felt like the devil himself possessed me to leave the save haven of my house.

I was nervous and excited. Titillated even. The soulful sounds of jazz to keep me company. That and the whimsical breeze carrying no other sound except whispers from branches.

My first step had me shivering in delight. The water stroked my thighs, I was being seduced by my own doing. Warm, undisturbedIMG_20150201_201422_resized – I felt wanton and alive.

In that moment I was as inappropriate and as hedonistic as I pleased. I only had to answer to myself and the moon.



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