A letter to a good man

Good morning
I woke up to your frustration and bitterness
It hurts me to see you hurting like this
If you need someone to play the villain  in this short epic, I understand and will take my place as the leading role
However I will not stand for you destroying all that you, not me or we, worked to accomplish

It’s not true that good men finish last
I fell for you because you were a good man
I couldn’t stay, not because you were too good
But because I am trying to be good myself – trying to make the right decisions instead of the convenient ones.

You are a good man
You are not your father’s son
Everything you are is not in despite of him
Everything you are is because your recognised that your life is can does deserve to be better
Your plans and your ambition and your reverence and dedication to other people’s dreams are what made me fall for you
You are gonna make the next woman who gives you chest pain so happy
This time she is ready and prepared to commit to those plans
You can throw caution to the wind and create wonderful adventures together
But please, never stop dreaming and striving  to be the best you can be

I want to reach out, but it’s not the right time
I care so much for you
Be angry, and then be great, be good
I’m sorry  for causing you pain
But thank you for everything you have given and been for me
It won’t be dismissed



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