Guest Post: A beautiful woman

Beauty, the definition of qualities in shape, colour or form that pleases the aesthetic senses…
A beautiful woman has a warm heart, but is she pretty?
A beautiful woman has independence, but is she attractive?
A beautiful woman has a sense of caring unconditionally, but is she a vision?
A beautiful woman has the motherly instinct, but is she a appealing?
A beautiful woman has an attractive mind, but is she gorgeous?
A beautiful woman is a great cook, but is she sensual?
A beautiful woman is amazing in bed, but is she sexy?

A woman’s struggle is but with herself to allow a man to make her feel less than what she is worth.
You are a gem, a rose amongst the thorns, the ray of sun that lights up a room with you being in it!

I woman’s struggle is her intelligence to not show too much of ‘I know’ cause he needs to feel secure as a man in today’s modern world

A woman… Alluring, tempting and luscious with the knowledge that one day her smooth soft skin will turn into wrinkles, but her personality and her mind will remain. That is a true beauty of a woman, her heart and her soul.
So here is to women I’ve met in my lifetime, don’t lose yourself to be part of something, but let that something want to be apart of you!


Written by Melissa Europa, sister and a beautiful woman inside and out


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