100 Steps to Happiness: more than once in a blue moon

Everyone is a moon and has a dark side which he never shows anybody- Mark Twain

Despite a deeply frustrating day, something was truly pulling at my bones to be upbeat and happy. Only after sitting in an hour of traffic, when I was nearing home did I see a beautiful full moon. Aah c’est la vie.

I’d been stressing today. It wasn’t that everything was going wrong, it wasn’t. But I didn’t feel right either. Until I saw la luna belle. Did you know the world lunacy is derived from the belief that the moon (luna) has an effect on the behaviour of people? I didn’t turn South African Psycho but I sure as hell did feel stranger, freer.

The moon has always had a massive pull over me. I’ve knelt at the feet of it’s ruler, Artemis, and danced beneath moonshine. The moon is mysterious, always feminine, always changing and yet so constant. The only light within a dark night. Have you ever looked up at the sky and wondered if someone you loved as seeing what you saw too? It’s incredibly romantic, and incredibly sad- hoping that the celestial object can unite us. The Sun will always be loved for the warmth it brings to us, it’s contribution to our growth and livelihood. The moon has no light of her own, she relies on having to reflect the rays he decides to shine upon her.

No one ever thanks the moon for safe guarding us at night. No one thanks her for keeping time, being omnipresent in all aspects of the feminine.

05.061A full moon, which officially happens tomorrow evening is all about the attainment of one’s desires, realising one’s potential. It’s a time to take a chance because from Saturday, that energy begins to wane. During this time, anything is possible, even if people think you are a lunatic to think that way.



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