Where leaders learn?

It was graduation weekend, I’d finally finished and I’d taken my last evening to be all about me.
She was cute, fun even and it was flattering being crushed on so why not?
We went outside to have some fun. Too much fun it seemed for some people.
Wearing grad suits, grad pins decorating their lapels they surrounded us.
“Fuck look at these chicks” they laughed, “aren’t there any men in that club? ”
I looked at one of them, they were too close for comfort.
“Guys if all girls were interested in your dicks, why are you going home alone? ”
I guess they didn’t like my sass. They made a move towards me, and I was ready for a fight. But then I realised that She didn’t deserve to be put through this, she was still at school and the last thing I wanted was for her to become a target. The bouncer made no move to help and I realised how completely helpless I was.
Like a bitch,  I grabbed her and went back into the club.
I didn’t get my paper to end up raped and cut up in a gutter. And maybe second time around I wouldn’t be so lucky.
So I made the “smart” decision to run away.
Reminding myself that my alma mata, “where leaders learn”… was a place where they learnt to rape? To intimidate?
These are the leaders we allow into the world. These are the men who will govern, who will rule our economy. So much for transformation.


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