The Break: S03E04

This week coming I have to challenge myself, to prove that I can live a life and achieve my dreams without Him. I’ve been feeling so pathetic and so useless and all that continuous negative emotion is going to drag me down into the same darkness I was in two years ago.

And what are the chances another Prince Charming will come and save the day again?

So, rules for the next week:

1. I will not twitter stalk him or his mentions despite the fact that I’ve psychotically selected two followers he’s been rather chummy with who both have an obsession with sex, nicki minaj and the use of the abbreviation “LOL”.

2. Instead of wasting my efforts and my liver obsessing about him I need to use that energy and drive to catch up on school- I’ve got honours to finish and I’ve been slacking.

3. I’m going to do my best to kill it everyday this week- hopefully the last week I’ll be working this nocturnal shift and prepare myself for getting the show I’ve been wanting to produce for.

4. High heels, EVERYDAY. I’m hot, wanted even- I can’t forget that.

5. I need to get back to the gym. It’s awesome that this mini depression has made me lose weight, let’s keep that consistent so that when he does see me next month… bow chicka wow wow.

6. Enjoy an adventurous road trip with friends next weekend, and remain serene when we run into Him and his mates in the same destination. If conflict arises, walk away or better yet keep contact to the absolute minimum.

7. Self service daily- I’m not a nun

8. Finish my award winning proposal for the Fulbright scholarship- submit and continue to be awesome.

Next week I’ll hopefully reflect back on this list and feel more successful and strong. For now I take it one bullet point at a time.

Mandatory smiling.



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