The Break: S02E05

I had a bit of unexpected girl talk today. I don’t do girl talk. But what was a relief was that no advice, or so-called valuable insight was offered.  Just a listening ear… and much vodka and gin.

I’m very unsure of what to write today. I don’t feel inspired, or strong, or sad. And I’m not numb either. I want to give up on blogging about this, but for once let me see something through to the end.

I have faith, impossible faith in one man. And whilst I lie to myself that all will be okay, I don’t know if I can convince myself in time, if things don’t work out. Just over 5 weeks to go to accomplish that.

My thoughts range from seduction to anger to hurt to nostalgia. Very incoherent. All I know is that everyday I’m surprised I’ve gotten through it all. I sound dramatic. I feel dramatic.

Rather let me sleep…



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