The Break: S02E04

Yesterday I was reminded of my strength. Today my ambition. I realise I don’t need anyone to encourage me and tell me that I “can do it”, get on without Him. I know I can.

However the words I hear aren’t going to make me NOT want Him to be part of my life’s journey if that makes sense. I chose Him. I want him.

So while I am a fully capable and independent woman, able to live without her man… truthfully,  it doesn’t necessarily mean I want to. Books and chocolates aren’t considered basic needs, yet what would be my life without it. It’s a want to have, a nicetie…I deserve nice things,  I want love in my life. His love. Not the next deserving guy who comes along. I choose Cadbury of Nestlé, fantasy over crime stories… I should have a choice in the matter.

I firmly believe I’m someone who gets what I want.

I hope I’m right

Serenity. Wisdom.


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