The Break: S01E03 (part 2)

Did I leave you behind,  babe? When I was busy becoming a woman, leaving that insecure girl, did I leave you behind? You were the one who helped me, gave me strength and inspired me to move forward.

Listening to one of the radio shows, they are speaking about the moment someone in a relationship finds enlightenment. The other either grows too or walks away. Is that what is happening now?

While my light was becoming brighter,  were you slowly reaching for your shades?

This is just another night where I’m left trying to rationalise the irrationality of this all. Hopefully this break will help you find enlightenment.

I wish you would let me be there. I know you don’t want help, but surely I’m someone who can listen? A sounding board?

Let me be what you are for me. 

Serenity. Courage. Wisdom


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