Daily Prompt: About Page of the Future

Breaking the Glass Ceiling…getting to  the top and beyond

I’ve never been a lost cause, but I definitely did things my own way growing up. I’ve been keeping this blog for over 10 years and I’ve transitioned from a Fiend, to a Thinker to so much more. This is not some self-help, the power of thinking monotonous and vapid thoughts. It’s just me putting myself out there, exposing dark things, funny things but most importantly how I continued to rise up despite self-sabotage and obstacles others threw at me. I’m not here to make you feel better, sorry, I’m all about the tough love.

What’s it like at the top? At 33 I’ve got three degrees, I’ve climbed up the ladder in three different industries (Broadcast Journalism, Programming and International Relations), been married for a glorious 7 years without having to spend my days barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. Babies, yes- shocking how much I love the little parasites. I’m happy, I’m loved, and I will always want more. I spend a third of my time at home, a third at work and a third jet-setting off to crazy locations, getting paid to live the good life while actually doing something meaningful.

On Breaking the Glass Ceiling you will hear the trials and tribulations of being a yummy mummy, struggling with the domestication of married life, my bemoaning and championing human kind. I may make you cry, unfollow me, get you mad or perhaps laugh. Good. It’s all part of the fun of trying to remain relevant in my old age


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