It’s not all me

I completed this list in less than 5 minutes…

What is wrong with me?

  1. I have a very awkward tendency of asking any question that comes to mind, no matter how awful or embarrassing.
  2. I love to drink- and not just a glass of wine.
  3. I don’t look after my health.
  4. I struggle to connect with my family.
  5. I dwell too much in the past and obsess over the future- therefore forgetting to live in the present.
  6. I have high expectations of other people, but even more so on myself. I’m too critical of myself and less so of others.
  7. I am naïve. I care what other people think of me.
  8. I am selfish.
  9. I avoid conflict.
  10. I can’t handle rejection and criticism.

I then turned my negatives to positives…

  1. Asking questions is my job, I’m a journalist it is what I was born to do and it is just part of my tenacity
  2. As long as it is not affecting my health or causing problems for family, what’s the harm?
  3. At least that’s what doctors say, but I also don’t have serious health risks and I have never been completely over the top health conscious or dismissive of my health
  4. Who doesn’t?  But I make an effort and that’s what counts
  5. I’m a dreamer and a worrier if my dreams are at risk, I don’t like losing focus and I’m all about the long term
  6. I always want to better myself, and I want to hold myself accountable- rather than than be completely ignorant of how useless or lost I am
  7. I always see the best in people. I want myself to be presented in the best possible light.
  8. I want to be happy.
  9. I enjoy peace and harmony
  10. I invest so much into myself and my work that I can hardly understand the term of ‘not getting it right’ because at the time I did my best, or the best I could do with the situation I was faced with

The final list took almost half an hour to do, which goes to show how hard it is to believe in all the good things about myself

20 reasons why it is great to be me

  1. I can pee sitting down and considering how hectic my days always are, those 30 seconds of solitude are perfect for quiet contemplation
  2. My thighs, it’s almost summer and already I am excited to rock out miniskirts and booty shorts and feel the heat on my skin
  3. I have an amazing supportive family,
  4. and a ridiculously hot and sexy boyfriend who is smart and who challenges me
  5. My youth and combine that with my ambition- my future will always be bright and have direction
  6. I have my self-collected Beauty and the Beast-esque library going on, all paid for by me which I read devoutly and I have so many more waiting on the shelf for me to attack
  7. I love being short and petite as I get the greatest hugs and people automatically help me carry things- I often feel like a princess
  8. I can cook and bake- I’m often too lazy to do so but I can so shhh don’t tell my future husband
  9. I am an optimistic realist- I get excited about an idea but I never let it just stay that way and I have the ability to create realistic steps to achieve my goals
  10. I have a fantastic memory- which helps during arguments with the boyfriend or when I need to prove a point
  11. At the same time, I forgive and forget so easily because I look at the picture and know what is important if I want to attempt to live a happy life
  12. I retain a truly prodigious lexis which I habitually take the time to scrupulously use it in tête-à-têtes to remind myself and others of my smartness
  13. I get away with a lot when it comes to my diet as I hate to exercise and love to eat, but I hardly look like a contestant from the Biggest Loser
  14. I do not have any completely paralysing and weird phobias- nothing is unattainable, no obstacle is completely immovable
  15. I am a proud nerd- from being a Whovian, to esoteric and fantasy cults to being able to play Sims for days on end
  16. I feel that I am attractive, not too bad on the eye
  17. I have confidence and I can get on well with people- adaptable to most situations
  18. I have been spoilt rotten by my family and been offered amazing opportunities such as travelling overseas, top education
  19. I laugh, I love to laugh and smile and just be happy- I like to make others laugh and I have love-hate relationship with being tickled
  20. Sarcasm, one of my main gifts- always with a quick comeback and pride myself for the ability to think on my feet

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