Daily Prompt: Rolling Stone

I’ve never been one for the caged, domestic sort of life. In fact I have a perpetual fear of waking up one day, barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen. There is a quote I will eternally believe in, I wish I remembered who it was by so I could attribute, but let me paraphrase:

“Never let the place where you die, be too close to the place where you were born”

…and to this I add, “unless by choice”, essentially you  should never live your full life in one place but rather explore and experience the world and once you have enough- then decide to return home.

I love the thrill of travel, especially alone where it is nerve-wrecking and scary, when you get lost and have to rely on foreign people, strangers and ways of communication to find your way back home. I have a list, and if I had enough years to my name, I would travel extensively. Spread out over every continent.

But the best part about travelling, is knowing that I have a home to return to, that all I need is to be pointed back in the right direction.

Nomad by beyzayildirim77 (Deviantart.com)


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