Friendship is one of the most powerful and unexpected forces

Me & Luyanda at an awesome jam in Grahamstown


It was an epic night in Grahamstown as the year wound down. I’d spent 4 amazing years there and it was drawing to a close. I was leaving my best mate in the whole wide world who has been my rock and voice of reason throughout my studies.

He is the guy who I would rock up to at 3am, bawling my eyes out and clutching a half empty bottle of wine and would just finish it off with me without having to say anything further. We had such crazy adventures, mostly involving him coming to my rescue. We are the best of friends and I value everything he has done for me, stood by me when I made mistakes and guided me.

My favorite moments include our impromptu karaoke sessions on the way or back from the dining hall and our lovers fights in the middle of the grocery store.

When this picture was taken I was thinking “fuck it”, lets make this the most awesome jam we have left and celebrate our moments together. We are just a phone call away and I know that we are strong enough to survive the distance. Even though I miss him to death and I’m worried about how I will get through this year without him, its okay because I know he is there- even when he’s not… and that’s all I need.


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