Book review: The magic in you

This is by far one of my favourite Malory novels in the series by Johanna Lindsey. The almost mystical quality surrounding Amy Malory, the heroine in her instincts is inspiring.
She has just had her debut in society and completely disregards society’s expectations to allow many men to woo her before settling on an appropriate suitor.  Amy falls for someone conpletely unsuitable- an American captain who would spend more time at sea than with her, who is moody, sullen and has sworn off marriage entirely. What’s even worse is that strong influencers in her family despise the man after he arranged to have her uncle hanged. Amy’s courage and complete faith in her instincts are truly admirable.
Amy sees the good in people, and wants to help them live up to their potential. She found love and did what she could despite the social pressures to make sure that she achieves it. However despite all her tenacity, she will not stoop to dishonest means to get what she wants. Even when she is being forced to marry the man she loves,  she turns him down because she wants him to love her willingly, despite the fact that she was compromised and her reputation would be ruined.
Warren Anderson is the hero of the novel and I connected with his character instantly. He is closed up, surly and very argumentative due to having been hurt in the past.  However he eventually learns to open up to Amy and to love again.

This novel reminds me that it is never too late to love again- One just needs to be open to it.


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