Daily Prompt: Dearly Departed

Write your own eulogy. 

This is something along the lines that I wish for my best friend to say…

Well, this is awkward. I can’t believe I had to die to get my ass back into church- I assume that’s where we are right? Damn you, Luyanda for not honouring my wishes. I specifically stated booze and fun times. I can’t be blamed for my own funeral being the lack of a good jam. **sigh** Anyway, you guys look great. You really do, a lot better than I do actually- oh, sorry, too soon? Well get over it. I lived, loved and laughed and I’m ok with going out this way- well not ok, but hey shit happens.

Dying at 22 isn’t so bad. At least I’m not going to get old like the rest of you and I don’t have to reminisce about the best years of my life, because I never allowed myself to regret anything, and luckily died before I could. I knew I wouldn’t marry, so all of you from high school who rolled your eyes at my feminist tendencies can suck it. I was never lonely though, I did find love and I lost it again- I experienced lust and infatuation, I fell and I picked myself up and all those passing flings and lingering souls contributed to the person that I am today.

I’m going to miss my beautiful Jozi- it’s weird that I was there and now I’m not, and in a city that doesn’t care and will always move on, I am just an irrelevant blip that was no more. I hope that you will remember me, not mourn me but celebrate the life that we shared together… I’m starting to get all moist, sorry guys for this DMC, fun chats officially initiated.

I once wrote on Facebook, “describe in one sentence” how we met, and I’m sure for most of you it pretty much involved before, during or after a jam and generally being within much alcohol. I hope to be remembered as the fun-loving care free girl who took life as a challenge and never gave up or stepped down. The same girl who got caught streaking by hi-tech, or was voted as MVP after a wild night out-the girl who could drink most men under the table, and be ready for round 2 the next day.

For those who knew me, beyond the good times, you knew that behind the smile there was always something more. Remember that I was honest and loyal to my friends that I supported you and would do anything for you. Know that I loved my family with all my heart. There are those here who will remember our spur of the moment trip to PMB to attend mates’ mom’s funeral, arriving African Time after trekking through a field and a half after a sleepless journey, finally ending the night on a Durban beach, listening to Leona Lewis.

To my husband, brother and the closest friend I will ever know. I will miss our deep chats, and the real talk we gave each other. Our impromptu boys2men karaoke sessions, and out lovers’ quarrel in the supermarket.

To my mother and father, I’m sorry for contributing to your many grey hairs and even more tears. I never said this enough, I’m sorry. I will love you always.

To my sister, cry but then smile. Pain is a necessary part of life; it is how we grow stronger. Don’t hide from it, embrace it and remember, be yourself.

I always say that well behaved women, rarely make history. And I hope I have been naughty enough to effect change around me. To all my fellow fiends, Lucifer is waiting. He begs you to come through quickly; I think I’m too much for him. 



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